Part of running a successful business is employing business software that improves operational efficiency, provides access to data intelligence and delivers a competitive advantage. The selection and use of such a system has become a business decision, not just a software decision. The right system can enable growth in an increasingly complex business environment, accelerate and improve decision making and create efficiency and easier adoption of new technologies that may need to be used to remain competitive in today’s business environment.

iPUB is the business software system developed with the Publishing Industry in mind. The only business software of its kind, iPUB offers publishers and distributors over three decades of publishing support experience with the very latest software and hardware technologies. iPUB is not a cumbersome adaptation of existing software, and it was designed in a native Windows environment.

Our iPUB product offers two levels of service: iPUB and Giallo. Giallo is our flagship royalty management software which is a scaled down version of iPUB. We can either host your software, or we can load it onto a server on your LAN/WAN and you can use any computer (Windows, MAC, Linux) to work with iPUB.

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When you do business with IPRO, you also get the following benefits:

  • Ability to interface your data to nourish various 3rd party applications such as Excel, Credit Card Processing, AP/GL, EDI, Print on Demand, real-time freight calculators for UPS/FEDEX/USPS and your Website to name a few
  • Ability to easily and efficiently integrate into existing warehouse technology and fulfillment protocols if relevant
  • Ability to grow your business because iPUB is very flexible and scalable—whether you have one item or 20,000 items and/or whether you have 1 user or 100+ users
  • Ability to add more storage because there is no limit on data base size
  • Ability to get technical and customer support which is included with no additional fees
  • Ability to receive software upgrades at no additional cost—whether initiated by IPRO or by a customer suggested enhancement



With the click of a button, iPUB will:

  • Create and manage orders
  • Verify data is mapped correctly
  • Report on "royalty liability" to be booked to the general ledger
  • Calculate the royalty payments owed in minutes
  • Run reports to analyze sales, review trends, and estimate reprint quantities
  • Grow seemlessly into a complete system
  • "Single click" sales report import for every vendor you do business with




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